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We accept most insurances and bill the insurance company on your behalf







Blue Cross


Coral Medical Care::Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic - Medical Insurance

At Coral Medical Care, most insurances are welcome! We bill insurance companies directly to make insurance claims easier for our patients.

If you do not carry insurance and will be paying yourself, please see our fee schedule.

Primary Care

Coral Medical Care is an in-network primary care provider for most major insurance companies. Patients with these insurances can schedule both regular and preventative care visits as well as walk in for a visit seven days a week.

Primary Care Insurances
Blue Cross
Neighborhood Health Partnership
United Healthcare

Primary care co-pays apply to patients with above insurances


Patients with HMO plans need authorizations from their primary care physician. Alternately, patients can call their insurance company to make Coral Medical Care their primary care provider.

Urgent Care

Coral Medical Care is an in-network urgent care provider for the following insurances.

Urgent Care Insurances

Urgent care co-pays apply to patients with above insurances

*Except Humana Gold and Humana Gold Plus

Co-Pays And Deductibles

All insurance patients are responsible for co-pays and deductibles based on their insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company for details of your individual plan.

What To Bring

Please bring the following for your visit:

  • Insurance Card
  • Photo ID
  • Name, address, and date of birth of the primary insured (if you are not the primary)

Billing Process

We are dedicated to making the billing process as easy as possible for patients and want to make sure that patients receive allowed benefits under their insurance plan. Below is an overview of our insurance billing process:

  • We will make copies of your insurance card and photo ID, and collect the co-pay
  • After the visit, we will bill your insurance company on your behalf for the services we provided during the visit
  • You will receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance company providing detailed information of the treatment, charges, discounts provided to the insurance company, and your remaining balance
  • Once we receive the payment from the insurance company and a copy of the explanation of benefits, we will apply the payment to your account and bill you if there is a balance